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If you are looking for a Wholesale pop-up Cards, you have to come to PopUpCard.NET.

No matter what you are, what you buy and what your purpose, we would like to offer yours with all our respect with a great selection of unique, special and gorgeous handmade pop-up cards for all reason and season.

Wholesale pop-up Cards

Wholesale pop-up Cards from

Wholesale Pop-up Cards – PaperArtViet, some information about Japan traditional art.

Simplicity, concentration, and creativity – all the elements that blow the fragile paper with a vigor named “Kirigami”. People have tended to know more about origami but kirigami is also a multi-dimensional paper art and the amazing transformation ò Japan.

What is Kirigami?

Kirigami is a traditional paper-cut art of Japan, with the name “kiru” meaning cut and “kami” paper respectively.

Symmetry is the most prominent feature in this traditional kirigami. Snowflakes, pentagons, and flowers are familiar classic kirigami images in which the paper cut is simply meant to be a minimalist, symmetrical yet flexible design.


Wholesale pop-up Cards

Pop-up Cards, not only art, it is our life

What is difference between Kirigami and Origami?

Many people mistake between arts of cutting kirigami paper with the famous origami paper folding art is familiar in the world. There are a lot of literature on the origins of kirigami has suggested that kirigami is a variation of traditional origami, which may be called origami architecture.

However, through the development process, kirigam become a distinct art form of origami so far. It is true that both kirigami and origami use variations of paper material and folding techniques to create flowers, animals or other designs. However, traditional origami does not allow for any cuts, the steps from start to finish are simply folding one or more sheets together. Besides, the use of lakes or tapes is also not accepted with origami. But in kirigami art, these techniques are freely allowed.

Wholesale Pop-up Cards – PaperArtViet – what do we supply for you?

Come to PaperArtViet, you can receive all seasons and occasions in range. We provide a great assortment of handmade greeting cards for everyday occasions for trade and retail customers, including: pop-up card wedding, pop-up card Christmas, pop-up card animal, pop-up card birthday, pop-up card friendship, pop-up card New Year, pop-up card Valentine’s day, pop-up card Mother’s day, pop-up card new baby, pop-up card famous building,…

And you can be sure that all our cards are 100% handmade by us in our Vietnam workshop to the highest standard using only the best quality materials and with high attention to detail.

Wholesale pop-up Cards

We are PaperArtViet – art from the most idyllic things.

Welcome to our wholesale, you also get the discount if buying with a large number. In addition, we have special occasions when you can come and learn how to make a beautiful pop-up card with well – known artists.

Come to to find samples that make your life more meaningful and special.

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  •  Good quality and price.
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We are PaperArtViet – art from the most idyllic things.

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