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Wholesale Kirigami – We Supply Art, We Supply The Meaningful Things

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Not easy to find a quality Wholesale Kirigami but it is more simple if you come to PopUpCard.NET.

You will be surprised with a hundred 3D products that bring amazing feeling inside your heart. Creative something from your heart will be the most cute gift that no need world to express. Free your own style, being creative, and imagination with a special Kirigami, let start with some special thing in a new day with Biggest Wholesale Kirigami Supplier in Viet Nam now.

Wholesale Kirigami

Wholesale Kirigami – make small things becoming more meaningful

Wholesale Kirigami – we supply art, we supply meaningful

Not only the simple product made from paper, Kirigami became a beautiful traditional trait of Japan in a long time ago. Let find some necessary information relating to this amazing subject.

Origami architecture products are quite familiar to young people, but not many know the origin of this great art. Kirigami Architecture is a paper-based art, basically using only one the paper and a knife. Kirigami Architecture involves the three dimensions of space and architecture, presented on paper to create architectural works, moreover, works of art and life.

Different with traditional pop-up cards, Kirigami Architecture tends to cut down on just one piece of paper, while traditional pop ups are associated with two or more pieces. To create a three-dimensional image of the works, which required skillful as the father of Kirigami Architecture architect, Mr. Masahiro Chatani.

He was a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He said that greeting cards are a very important part of human communication, especially in Japan. In the 1980s, Professor Chatani began experimenting with cutting paper and folds to make a simple pop up cards. He used Origami (paper-folding) and Kirigami (paper-cutting) techniques as well as his own experience in architectural design to create more complex patterns, creating amazing effects with light and darkness. His compositions are made only from white paper. These products when was completed, often emphasize the shading effect of cuts and folds. In the preface of one of his books he wrote, “Darkness and light are a dreamlike setting, inviting viewers into an imaginary world”.

At first, Professor Chitani simply made greeting cards about friends and family. For nearly 30 years, he has published more than 50 books on Kirigami Architecture kirigami, pop up cards. He believes that Kirigami Architecture is the best way to teach architectural design and architectural appreciation, as well as inspiring math, art and design inspiration in children.

Wholesale Kirigami

A cute gift from Kirigami Architecture


His associates and many of the world’s authors organized the first Kirigami Architecture exhibition around the world. At the exhibition, Masahiro Chatani talked about his art. “Kirigami Architecture will help people recognize the value of the country and its history through the architectural art described in it. This is the best ways to preserve national pride, preserve its heritage in the country, popularize it and bring it to the world.

PaperArtViet – Wholesale Kirigami in Viet Nam

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