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Wedding Pop-up Cards – A Beautiful And Meaningful Gifts

Posted on Aug 9, 2017 by in Blog |

Wedding pop-up cards is a popular gift which is given for beloved couple in their memorable wedding.

Wedding pop-up cards are not luxurious and expensive gifts but apparently, it presents love and feelings from the givers. Therefore, these cards are more likely to be chosen by a lot of people. To meet the requirement of customers, more and more pop-up cards for marriage couple have been produced and sold in stores.


wedding pop-up cards

Wedding pop-up cards is a popular gifts which is given for beloved couple in their memorable wedding

What is wedding pop-up cards?

Wedding pop-up cards are the 3D cards which are made of the cut paper. When the card is folded, the paper inside will be in the flat shape. However, when we open the card, the 3D image will appear as a specific object. These images can stand straight and still on the flat object.

The wedding pop-up cards are diversified in their colors, decorations, images, sizes and so on. Therefore, the couple can easily find the product which is suitable with demand.

The meaning of wedding pop-up cards.

These pop-up cards can also be impressive decoration things in the wedding. Hanging the cards above or putting them on the table can be an ideal way to make the wedding become more romantic and significant. Each of the wedding pop-up cards is related to a specific and romantic story. The bride and groom can make their own stories depending on their own creation.

In the pop-up cards using for wedding occasion, the couple can write their feelings and thoughts into the cards and give to the partner. Or, the givers can do the same thing and hand them to the beloved couples.

wedding pop-up cards

Each of the wedding pop-up card is related to a specific and romantic story


How to get amazing wedding pop-up cards?

If you are wondering how to get these amazing wedding pop-up cards, take these hints. You can absolutely do it yourself by following the instruction on the Internet. Here are some simple and basic steps which can be helpful for the beginners:

Step 1: Find 2 hard covers with different colors. Cut them into the suitable size and put the smaller one on the surface of the other.

Step 2: Cut the hard covers with a separate line to create a 3D image. This step is not easy to master, so follow the instruction of DIY wedding pop-up cards on the Internet for more details. Each cut style will make the different 3D image.

Step 3: Fix the small details and complete the card. Try to fold and open to ensure your product create a tasteful image.

If you find doing wedding pop-up cards yourself is too difficult, you can visit the stores to buy instead.

wedding pop-up cards

You can follow some steps to have your wedding pop-up cards

Although wedding pop-up cards are simple and cheap, the value and meaning of them are highly considered. It would be a tasteful decoration as well as meaningful gifts for any couple. Therefore, if you desire to own pop-up cards for wedding, try to design and do it yourself. Otherwise, visit the official website of Pop-up Card to select the favorite product.

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