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Special Value Of Pop Up Flower Card

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 by in Flower Pop Up Card |

Not only flowers but all the decorative details such as natural scenes, animals, still life, portraiture … When put into pop up flower card will be cut, grafted and arranged in a calculated way to create beautiful 3d visual effect for the viewer. That is to make the recipient when open the card will feel like those details are real. When folding cards, the details are also folded flat and neatly inside the card and so they will be kept forever with the card.

No one knows since when, flowers have become an indispensable part of human life. It can be said that flowers are the most beautiful gift that mother nature gave this planet. Flowers have so many colors and different designs, but each flower is beautiful in different ways. So they are often compared to woman’s beauty. And perhaps, flower is a gift that any woman wishes to receive once in a lifetime.

And also no one knows since when, each kind of flower has its own meaning. Only know that in the present, every flower is a meaningful message gift from the sender to the recipient. If the roses symbolize the sharp beauty but full of thorns, then the white baby flowers represent the small beauty, fragility but pure. If the white chrysanthemum is presented to express sympathy and sharing; then the lapis flower is the connotation of a sincere love. So, every flower has its own meaning and the donor should have reference before choosing the flower to gift someone.

However, in the gifts that the women around us want to receive, flowers also are the most hated thing. Because they can not exist forever with time. They cannot be kept as memories for long. Flowers will then end. That is the biggest drawback of flowers.

So today, the flowers made of paper are becoming increasingly popular. They may not be as natural beauty as fresh flowers, but the biggest advantage is that they can survive with time. And so, the paper flowers are sure to kept very long after.

And have you ever heard about pop up flower cards?

pop up flower card

The cards with embossed decorations are called pop up cards

Pop-up cards are the cards with embossed motifs as shown on the picture you see. This kind of card originates from Japan. We all know the Japanese are famous for paper folding called origami. That is also the beginning of the idea of creating the pop-up 3D card that the Japanese called kirigami.

Let’s try imagine, if you get a real bouquet from someone, surely the feeling will be so happy? But you can not keep it forever with time. And with pop up flower 3D card, you can.

The bouquets are printed as decorative details on the flat card and when opened, it’ll pop up cards as real as in the following cards:

pop up flower card

Pop up 3D cards will be of special value

pop up flower card

How would you feel if you get a card with a flower garden like this?

Such cards not only fulfill the mission of conveying the wishes, love and sincerity of the sender, but also meet the requirement of replacing a beautiful bouquet of flowers with forever of time. So, to the recipient, they will be of special value and will be retained for a long time to come. Moreover, the emotions of receiving the card will also be retained whenever the pop up card 3D is opened and read again, again and again.

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