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Pop-up Xmas Cards – Christmas Special Gift.

Posted on Aug 15, 2017 by in Blog |

If you want to buy pop-up Xmas cards for your beloved ones, please visit to our website at to find outstanding presents you look for.

On Christmas, everyone gives both the wishes and gifts like usual. So, why don’t you try to make something which are special to your beloved ones? Let recipients be surprised when they receive a pop-up Xmas card this year. Now, we would like to share more information about pop-up Xmas cards to you.

Pop-up Xmas cards

Pop-up Xmas cards – A special gift to the receiver

Pop-up Xmas cards  – the artwork 3D in the modern life.

The brain and the hands of artists will determine the success of the pop-up Xmas cards. From the inanimate cardboards, the craftsmen will use their own creativity and ingenuity to blow their souls into these 3D card products.

There are a variety of pop-up xmas cards, ranging from 90-degree to 180-degree, sophisticated like the 360-degree products. With the creation, the craftsmen can do this traditional artwork which follow to many sides, approaches and characteristics.

These pop-up xmas cards need papers, knives, a pair of scissors, and glue. You can go to the bookstores or the stationery stores to get these simple tools.

When you just a beginner, you should prepare an available sample with the basic guides. You can download an available sample from our website as the first step, but when you become an expert in this field, you can do it by your own creation.

Pop-up Xmas cards

A sample of pop-up Xmas card

Using A4 or A5 papers is the best suitable tool for the beginners. You should to remember not to choose too hard or too thin cardboard when make these cards. In general, the suitable papers for engraving are at least 180 grams per square meter, you also need knives and papers as the essential tools and materials.

When making artwork for a long time, you need some others professional supporting tools such as scissors, glue, papers, tweezers to hold small objects. These Xmas pop-up cards are inexpensive but we take many efforts.

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Pop-up Xmas cards

Pop-up xmas cards is designed by PaperArtViet Co., LTD

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