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Pop-Up Happy Birthday Card – Unique Gifts For You.

Posted on Aug 15, 2017 by in Blog |

How do you feel when someone gives you an exclusive pop-up happy birthday card on your birthday? There will absolutely be a surprise for you! Let PopUpCard.Net tell you why:

Birthday is a special occasion to everyone, thus everybody wants to bring joyfulness and happiness to their beloved ones. With a pop-up happy birthday card, you can write the wishes to your friends or your lovers on their birthday. But, how to create a pop-up happy birthday card?

pop-up happy birthday card

How to create a pop-up happy birthday card

The pop-up happy birthday card – a simple gift for a special day

Birthday is a day when a little baby was born, or a day when a person marked his or her presence in their life! The birthday party is usually celebrated to commemorate that memorable day.

The simple message on the pop-up card will replace your speech to say “Happy birthday” to the recipients. Nowadays, people often send the popular gifts such as Flowers, cakes or messages via mobile phone and the internet, why don’t you try to make something different to give your beloved ones?  A pop-up happy birthday card will help you to send the recipients your wishes. Which beautiful card will you choose? You can visit to our website at for further samples.

Pop-up cards or 3D cards are originated in Japan for a long time. In the recent years, one of the most famous trends appearing in Vietnam is the 3D cards. And some historians say that it brings wealth, elegance and perfection when you receive this cards. To do this pop-up cards, the craftman need creativity and skillful.  A pop-up happy birthday card is more and more popular in young people. Now, let’s try to take part in our new trend.

pop-up happy birthday card

The pop-up happy birthday card – a simple gift for a big day

Make a pop-up happy birthday card

Here are three simple steps to make a pop-up happy b

Step 1. You need a two sided square piece of colorful wrapping paper to create your pop-up happy birthday card.

Step 2. Make a series of simple sharp folds on both sides. Paying attention to the final intricate folds which create the pop-up crane.

Step 3. Write your birthday message inside the pop-up happy birthday card to complete. With these simple and easy steps to create a beautiful pop-up happy birthday card. Imagine the recipient will be delighted when receiving a perfect pop-up happy birthday card  with sentence: “Happy Birthday” in the middle of the card, it sounds really interesting and meaningful.

pop-up happy birthday card

With a pop-up happy birthday card – you can write wishes to friends, and relatives on their birthday.


If you have any questions, comments or would like to know more details about the pop-up happy birthday card, please you feel free to leave a message or contact us at We provide a variety kind of pop – up card with quality and fit price.

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