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Pop Up Happy Birthday Card – special gift in Era of technology

Posted on Jul 31, 2017 by in Birthday Pop Up Cards |

Pop Up Happy Birthday Card are also known as 3d cards are the cards that are applied 3d effects on paper.

Birthday is a special annual anniversary of everyone. On this special day, that person will receive blessings and gifts from relatives, friends … To celebrate their presence in life. It’s almost customs in everywhere of the world, not just any country. However, one way of giving present seems to be forgotten and has just been revived in recent years. That is to give birthday cards.

In recent years, when information technology has developed, people have become accustomed to celebrating their loved ones and friends’s birthday with the messages on their smartphone; or use the images, the applications which are pre-installed on these devices to send to the person they want to wish a happy birthday. Therefore, the habit of giving birthday cards seems to be gone, until the pop-up happy birthday cards has been.

The decorations will be cut and arranged in a caculated way that the details can be folded in the card when it closes and whenever the card is opened, the details will be pop up card 3D lively like real. You can look at the following images:


Pop Up Happy Birthday Card

Pop up happy birthday is a special gift


It can be said that the birth of pop-up card has resurrected the beautiful culture of giving cards that seems to be forgotten. When the decorative motifs are just lying boring on paper and people are no longer interested in such cards anymore, the pop-up card is born. Japanese call this movement is kirigami. This kind of card has originated in Japan – the country where we all know that famous for origami paper folding art.


Pop Up Happy Birthday Card

You see, birthday cake is of course something you need to do when you want to celebrate someone’s birthday. But instead of the dry text or images sent from your smartphone, why don’t you choose cards like this?

You know, the meaning of this kind of gift is not in the value of the card but in the sincerity of the message you want to say through the card. Through the decorative details and handwriting texts from yourself to the recipient, the message will be multiply many times in value. Because with the cards, you not only send a piece of paper with a few lines of text but it is also sincerity. These are the things that a smartphone message can never do. A meticulously made pop up birthday card with sincere words from your heart will make the recipient feel warm and happy so much. And with that meaning, the card 3D happy birthday are sure to be kept very long with the person who received it. Moreover, every time the card is opened, the emotions when receiving the card for the first time of the recipient will be reviewed in the most complete way. You see, just a little card but the meaning inside it contains absolutely not little at all.


Pop up happy birthday card

What is more wonderful than the normal card which you received will pop-up such meaningful messages like this?

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