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Pop-Up Cards – How To Create A Wonderful Gift For Special Day

Posted on Aug 7, 2017 by in Blog |

Pop-up cards are the simplest way to express your loving with a special person. Let try a wonderful art by yourself and receive a meaningful thing in our life.

With easy step by step, you can do by yourself a deep and memorable small gift for the lover. With Paperartviet help, you will see how easy it is to make Pop-up cards.

Let start with Pop-up cards.

Pop-up cards making material

Paper :

The majority paper used in Kirigami is 180 gsm weight paper. With 0 degree samples, no need hard and thick paper, too. With 180 degree samples, it is recommended to use thicker and slightly stiff paper, depending on the model, using 180 – 200 – 220 gsm paper to ensure consistency and keep the shape of the sample.

Knife :

Knife used in Kirigami often includes scalpels, specialty knives and paper knives. The sharper and slender blade is, the easier to make a product is. For work in a long time, you should choose the type of knife with tapered handle, just hold my hand feeling tireless comfort. Professional knife (recommended): easy to handle, can be replaced with a knife blade.

Scissors :

You can use the scissors to cut the edges of the details

Globe :

Dry glue: according to the dry so do not wrinkle paper which is suitable for a large flat. Dry glue is not sticky and dry for a long time, so it is not suitable for fixing pieces together, but for temporary using only.

White Glue :

Wet wipes make it easy to smudge sour textiles. But stickiness is very strong and is an indispensable glue.

Tweezers :

Tweezers are used to hold, fix small objects that you cannot hold, or simply do not want to paint/glue into your hands. Sometimes tweezers are stronger than our hands. You should have large tweezers and 1 small tweezers, depending on the purpose. The tweezers must be flat enough to hold the pieces firmly.


Pop-up Cards

Pop-up cards – do it by yourself, do it by your love


If you mainly use the pull, you probably will not need ruler a lot. However, size is very important when you use the knife. Iron ruler also has the advantage that you can choose. Remember to straighten 90 degrees from the paper to prevent knives from falling on the ruler, because the plastic is soft.

Some effect of ruler when you paste: Sometimes your piece is slightly wet and torn, but not sticky. At that time, you can put the piece on a soft surface (fold paper, magazine ..) then pressed the ruler on the top tightly, then use the hands. By not having direct contact with the piece, it will not be torn (can use ruler to fold).

Application of kirigami in life

The kirigami name may not be familiar as origami, but kirigami really exist in our daily lives. Here are some applications of kirigami.

Kirigami in works of art

Like origami, the art of cutting kirigami paper was introduced in the elementary school’s craft program in Japan. Yet from this seemingly simple form of cut, many artists have come up with unique creative ideas.

Kirigami – a new inspiration for modern design

Not only appearing in mere exhibits, kirigami is further evolving from non-paper materials of furniture, fashion, and even jewelry.

Pop-up Cards

Kirigami – a new inspiration for modern design

Let admire the Pop-up cards from to find what exactly your life is.