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Pop-up Cards For Kids – Easy And Fun

Posted on Aug 14, 2017 by in Blog |

You are searching how to make pop-up cards for kids? It is very easy and fun when you see or buy at the website:

Pop-up cards for kids not only bring laughs and joyful, but also make increase imagination of kids. In this article, we will share 2 commonly pop-up cards for kids.

pop-up cards for kids

Pop-up cards for kids – Easy and fun

3d star card – Pop-up cards for kids

At first, you need to prepare some things, as following:

+ Cardboard

+ Cutting paper knife

+ Glue

How to do this pop-up cards for kids below:

+ Step 1: Download the shape of 3D star card design.

+ Step 2: You use the knife along the black lines.

+ Step 3: After cutting, you apply colour to the other side (if you like).

+ Step 4: Next, you fold them along the dotted lines, and link them through the openings, after that, we will be forming stars flying.

+ Step 5: Continue to fold the middle of the copy paper.

+ Step 6: You cut a piece of black cardboard cover card, then paste a piece of paper 3d star just so that the middle fold of the two sheets of paper overlap.

The beautiful 3d star card has been completed. It is made quite simple, saving time, but still equally impressive and unique. You can make this card for your children on special occasion. Surely, pop-up cards for kids are surprising and happy for children!

pop-up cards for kids

Pop-up cards for kids – Easy and fun

3d castle card – Pop-up cards for kids

The castle often appears in childhood memories, or in stories. In the subconsciousness of each person, it has become a very familiar with images, such as castle, prince, king, princess, … So, why don’t you make pop-up cards for your childs – 3D castle card? Now PaperArtViet Co., LTD will help you make 3D castle card below.

– Preparation:

+ Version of castle design

+ Cardboard and white paper

+ Cutting paper knife

+ Scissor

+ Ruler

+ Glue

– How to make as follows:

+ Step 1: Print the sample, then place the sample on white paper and fix the pin. Use a cutting paper knife to cut the white paper, and with the dashed lines lightly fold down the white paper.

+ Step 2: Fold the paper just cut the castle along the lines that have creased the steps

+ Step 3: Fold the hard-colored paper into the card cover, then paste the castle cut.

+ Step 4: Use the ruler and knife to cut the excess white paper inside, then adjusting the folds.

With just a few simple steps, you can make your own pop-up cards for kids, especially girls. It can make a decoration or a present to give to your children.

pop-up cards for kids

Pop-up cards for kids – Easy peasy and fun

If you have any questions or comments or want to know further details about pop-up cards for kids, please feel free to leave a message or contact us –  PaperArtViet Co., LTD  at the website: