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Why the pop up 3d cards have become the trend?

Posted on Jul 25, 2017 by in Blog |

  • Why the pop up 3d cards have become the trend ?

These lovely cards are almost forgotten in today’s modern life when people are almost dominated by modern technological devices. There is no more handwritten letters. Giving pop up 3d cards to each others on special days are almost just past. Because just one touch on the technological device, you can also touch thousands of sophisticated, eye-catching and sophisticated electronic applications that you can use to send the words you want to say to the other person. It does not take much time like writing letters or cards.


pop up 3d cards

Giving cards is a special cutural

This method actually saves more time than the old methods. Why do we have to send a card when only one message is enough for all the words that you want to say? Why do we have to spend time on meaningless cards when they are just plain paper? There are many reasons to skip giving cards as a gift.

However, giving cards are not a habit or movement to be that easily forgotten. For me, giving cards is a beautiful culture that needs to be preserved because the cards sent are not only carrying words that are said from the heart but also carrying the sincerity of the writer (or sender) to the recipient. It is spiritual values that nothing in the world can change.

And when everything is more and more modern everyday, what belongs to the classic becomes more valuable. Young people who are dynamic and are constantly seeking change to reach the world of modern times have become increasingly fond of such spiritual values. They see it as the medicine that nourishes the inner soul of every human being. One thing that can not be denied is that the technology is handy, but the dryness of it is undeniable. Cards are different.

There is no need for fussily poetic rhymes, pop up 3d cards just bring sincere words from the heart and the respect of the sender to the recipient. So that they accomplished their task. And it does not just save the text, but the emotions when reading will be kept intact with it every time the person receiving the card opens it and reads it again.

In today’s integration, if the old and rustic values is combined exquisitely with modern elements – they are perfect. That’s why the pop-up cards or handmade 3D pop up card was born.

  • Why the pop-up cards or handmade 3D pop up card was born ? 

Pop up 3d cards are that cards that decorated with embossed details. The decorations on cards like the house, the bouquets of flowers, birthday cakes … Will be applied 3d to make them look  like real. You can see the following pictures:


pop up 3d cards

These cards look pretty, right ?

pop up 3d cards

These cards are called pop up building card.


Try imagine, if the normal card that you are holding in your hand when opened will pop-up cute and funny pictures. So it is surprising and also very interesting, isn’t it?

Images are no longer just lying on paper but made to be lively. It will also make the cards to be more vivid. They will be assembled and arranged meticulously, so that not only beautiful but also can convey the most complete message that the sender wants to send to the recipient.


pop up 3d cards

3d popup cards are that cards that decorated with embossed details

It can be said that pop up 3d cards have revived the giving cards culture in many countries around the world. Cards are small but its uniqueness is not small. They bring surprises and interesting emotions when the viewer opening the cards. Each card is send with not only words but love; like the way i often use to talk about them: “cards will say it for you”