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The Meaning Of New Year Pop-Up Card

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 by in Blog |

Besides flowers, food and champagne, people usually exchange the new year pop-up card to indicate their warming feeling and love to each other.

Pop-up card has become more and more familiar to people at the different ages. It is not only a meaningful gift for beloved ones but also an impressive decoration. There are a variety of pop-up cards such as wedding pop-up card, love pop-up card, birthday pop-up card, greeting pop-up card, new year pop-up card and so on. Each type of pop-up card presents for the specific meaning and value. In this article, we will give some ideas and information about new year pop-up card.

new year pop-up card

New year pop-up card

What is new year pop-up card ?

New year pop-up card is a card showing three-dimensional effect involving in the new year design or model. When the card is closed, it looks like a normal birthday or wedding card with outstanding colour and awesome decoration, but the inside part is quite different. In the inside part of these 3D cards, we will come across magnificent three-dimensional image and design, which looks like the real object.

To cheer the new year, these cards commonly show the 3D design of flowers, champagne, the letter line of “HAPPY NEW YEAR” or anything relating to this occasion. Some people also write their thoughts and feelings about the recipients in the inside part of the card.

The type of new year pop-up card

Some people might find the type of new year pop-up cards are diversify. Actually, the differences in colour, shape, size and design bring to this variety.

The pop-up card for new year celebration can be made in distinctive bright colours such as yellow, pink, red and familiar designs like cakes, flowers or meaningful things to the receivers. However, depending on the desire of each maker, these factors can be changed.

new year pop-up card

Pop-up card for Christmas and New Year

The meaning of the new year pop-up card

The new year pop-up card is regarded as a special and important gift that people usually exchange together because of its significance. It contains the love, feelings, thoughts and the best wishes from the givers and the recipients. It is no doubt that the recipients will be touched by these small cards.

Moreover, these beautiful cards might be an aesthetic decoration things that you can consider.

new year pop-up card

Pop-up card with unique 3 dimensional image

To sum up, new year pop-up card is a great choice for everyone who have a demand on giving the gift for their families, friends, colleagues and so on. Even though the card is not expensive and luxurious, but it presents for the true love and sincere feeling from the givers. Therefore, some new year pop-up cards are even more valuable than the other gifts. If you desire to possess these amazing cards, try to make it by yourself or visit our Pop-up Card store for shopping.

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