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How To Make A Pop-up Flower Card For Kids

Posted on Aug 24, 2017 by in Blog |

Do you like to make a pop-up flower card for kids? If yes, you can visit to our website at  There are many kinds of pop-up flower cards for kids which you can choose.

In this article, we “ll show you how to make a pop-up flower card for kids.

pop-up flower card for kids

A lotus pop-up card

What is a pop-up card?

A pop-up card is a kind of 3D papers, which can be designed by making a small standing object inside the pop-up card after opening. The object inside the card may be a picture of a flower, a heart, a house or anything that takes your fancy.

Why do we need to create a Pop-Up Card?

How many times have you wondered something like this?

“Be sure to write a thank-you note to your beloved ones for the…”

“Make a special pop-up card for the important events such as Christmas, Birthday or Wedding.”

Pop-up card is the new trend which is unique, cool and impressive.

These are the reasons why you should choose a pop-up card as a present to keep up with this new trend.

Prepare for making a pop-up flower card.

  • Card Stock or other heavy-weight paper
  • Colorful construction paper
  • White Glue
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Envelope
  • The sample which you can visit to our website and choose.
pop-up flower card for kids

A rose pop-up card

How to do a pop-up flower card for kids.

+ Step 1: Download the sample which you want to follow from our website at .

+ Step 2: You can copy or draw the line then use the scissor to cut the paper according to this line straightly.

+ Step 3: After cutting, you apply the colors which you favorite.When making the card from the paper, the outside and inside pieces are the equal size. It is really important to align the pieces exactly.

+ Step 4: Next, glue the flower to the card and make sure that it will stand up straightly when the card is opened.

+ Step 5: Continue to fold it in half then your card is now finished! Open it to see the pop-up.

+ Step 6: Complete your pop-up flower card for kids by adding your feelings.

With just six simple steps, you can make your own pop-up flower cards for kids, especially girls.

Now, the recipients will happy in a way that no one else can do.

For further specific steps, please kindly visit the pop-up website at

pop-up flower card for kids

A pop-up flower card – Easy and unique.

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