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How to make the love pop-up cards for Valentine Day?

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 by in Blog |

Love pop-up cards are supposed to be an ideal gift for Valentine or other special occasions.

Love pop-up cards are special cards made up typical papers and simple cuts, which present the three-dimensional effect whenever they are opened. These cards are not only amazing and wonderful pieces of art that should be treasured but also meaningful and significant enough to indicate the love and feeling coming from the bottom of the giver’s heart.

love pop-up cards

Love pop-up card with 2 little angels

What is love pop-up cards?

The love pop-up card is the card which is capable of making three-dimensional effect when the user opens it. The shape, design as well as the operation of pop-up card are similar to the pop-up books. The difference between them is that pop-up card is supposed to be a part of the whole pop-up book.

The love pop-up cards can be made in different designs, which range from the basic types to the complicated ones. Depend on the skills, techniques and idea of each maker, the finished products can be in the distinctive styles.

The meaning of love pop-up cards

It is apparent that each love pop-up card conceal different meaning. Especially, when you intend to make a love pop-up card by yourself, the gift is absolutely become more significant. This shows the love, feeling and sincerity coming from the bottom of your heart.

The DIY love pop-up cards should have different styles and designs, which relate to the relationship, memory or common hobby. When someone receive the gifts, they tend to recollect the special things that both of the sender and the recipient have undergone, then realize how much love they are spent for.

An impressive pop-up card is likely to be made in the design of roses, heart shapes, letters, cakes, rings and so on. Most pop-up card makers also suppose that the ideal colours for true love card is red, pink or white.

love pop-up cards

love pop-up cards

How to make love pop-up cards by  yourself?

To make the most meaningful love pop-up card for your beloved ones, please follow these below steps.

Step 1: Choose 2 different color papers. Decide which one should be used for the outside and the inside part. Cut the latter into the smaller size in comparison with the former.

Step 2:  Draw the sketch of the favorite design to make.

Step 3: Use the knife to create careful cuts and then attach the heart shape to make sure the card will be popped up after opening.

love pop-up cards

Love pop-up card having the heart shape on the top side

To give your beloved ones the love pop-up cards with the impressive designs, you can definitely try to make it by yourself or ask someone to help. In case you find it too difficult to finish, please visit the website of Pop-up Card at to find out and buy the most beautiful one.

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