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Kirigami Supplier, we serve you with all respect

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PaperArtViet is one of the most famous Kirigami Supplier in Viet Nam with many experienced artists.

PaperArtViet, as a Pop-up Card manufacture and Kirigami Supplier, always bring for you surprising from smallest things. We serve you with the best quality product, all respect and talented.

Kirigami Supplier – stories surrounding this beautiful art

The art of cutting paper is considered to have the first appearance in Japanese temples as a way of showing respect to the gods. By the seventeenth century, Kirigami was widely known throughout Asia as a trust art form. Not only in Japan but also in China, people create kirigami designs to symbolize the good and the important things such as: Prosperity, Perfect, Elegant, Elegant or even the linkage between human and nature. Bunraku, a kind of Japanese puppetry, sometimes also creates paper puppets from the Kirigami technique, but still ensures that the parts are movable.

Until the 1960s and 1970s, the kirigami surpassed Asia to become famous around the world. Starting from the United States, the publication of Florence Temko’s book “The Creative Art of Papercutting” in 1962 firstly introduced this Asian craft art to the Western world. It is noted that the kirigami revived the inspiration of Western artisans in paper design when they began incorporating kirigami techniques with several other traditional methods. The most prominent of these combinations is the comparison among the kirigami with the scherenschnitte (a German craft cutting technique) to make perfect silhouettes.


Kirigami Supplier

Our product, our love for you

In the early days of kirigami, the production of handmade paper and kirigami was also an expensive product. The art of cutting paper was restricted to the upper classes of society. However, so far, kirigami has become a unique amazing fun and easily accessible to everyone. Besides paper as the main material, all that kirigami enthusiasts need is just a scissors or paper knife, a ruler and a pad for cutting.

Typically, before creating a cutting to form, the creator can use a pencil to mark. This approach helps beginners to minimize errors in complex designs and challenges. However, in the history of Orthodox kirigami, knives and scissors are the only processing tools.

PaperArtviet – Kirigami Supplier in Viet Nam

PaperArtViet became a popular name for Kirigami customers in Viet Nam because of the unique quality product designs and talented artists. We proud of creativity and innovation in each step of production.

Welcome to the leading Kirigami Supplier in Viet Nam, you could see a hundred of 3D art design which has meaningful with each special day, people and feeling. Not only a simple product, we also provide a cute gift for your lover.

Keep forgettable memory about family, love, friendship with our Kirigami products, keep your life!

Why should you choose our service?

We are experienced: our service is made by staff with the experienced professional who is passionate about art.

We welcome your feedback: we are always looking for your feedback to improve every respect to our business.

We have super technique support: we are always innovating, innovate in mind and technology.

We are passionate: Our passionate, our quality.


Kirigami Supplier

Making from smallest things

Come to  and find your own life.

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