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The Type Of Kirigami Paper

Posted on Aug 15, 2017 by in Blog |

Kirigami paper is the main material which is used for making a Kirigami piece of art.

Have you ever heard about Kirigami art? Generally speaking, it is the type of art that fold and cut the paper into the exact line to create such a wonderful and amazing art product. The products are made might be house, car, castle, flower or even the line of letters. The essential material which is indispensable in Kirigami art is Kirigami paper.

Kirigami paper

Kirigami paper

What is a Kirigami paper?

Kirigami paper is the main material used for making kirigami piece of art. It comes in different grades, types, and sizes,… which gives such the diversified choices for makers. Depending on the design ideas, you can choose a suitable one.

There are a variety of kinds of kirigami card, such as duo paper, foil paper, Washi and Chiyogami paper, really big paper, really small paper, circular paper, animal print paper and so on.

Some typical type of kirigami paper?

Here is the list of kirigami paper which is widely chosen by the makers.

Duo paper

Duo paper is the type of kirigami paper with one color on the top and another color on the bottom. This material is suitable for the models whose both sides are visible.

Foil paper

This type of kirigami material is chosen by a lot of makers because of its sparkle and gorgeousness. The finished product with foil paper is supposed to be more impressive.

Washi and Chiyogami paper

Washi and Chiyogami paper are widely used because it is softer and more textured than an ordinary one. Therefore, the makers, especially the beginners, might find it easier to create a perfect product.

Kirigami paper

Kirigami paper is the main material of Kirigami art

Really big paper

This type of paper is used for making a lot of products at the same time or complete a very big model. The size is commonly at 31 x 22 inches or more.

Really small paper

If you desire to make a small kirigami model, card,… really small paper will be an ideal recommendation. With only 1 x 1 inches of length and width, the paper is suitable for mini Kirigami piece of art.

Circular paper

This material is designed in the shape of circular. You can create a lot of unique kirigami models with the circular papers.

Animal print paper

People who are in love with a unique kirigami products are likely to choose animal print paper. There are a lot of impressive animal print to be chosen such as zebra, tiger, lion,…

Where can we buy kirigami paper?

To buy Kirigami paper, you can create yourself or buy at the supply stores. Visit the website of Pop-up Card and you will find incredible Kirigami papers.

Kirigami paper

The model made by kirigami paper

The Kirigami paper is distributed and displayed in a variety of the official supply stores, so anyone having a demand on finding and choosing the suitable paper can visit these places. You can ask for a consulting if you do not have much experience in this aspect.

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