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The Basic Tutorial Of Making Kirigami Flower

Posted on Aug 15, 2017 by in Blog |

Kirigami flower is a part of Japanese Kirigami art, which relates to the cutting of the paper to create such a gorgeous and unique flower .

Kirigami flower is a familiar art with Japanese, which origins hundreds of years ago. Since kirigami was introduced, a lot of people, especially teenagers have fascinated for this type of art. More and more people have tried to learn and make their own products and then share to others. Gradually, Kirigami flower art has spread out to other countries and become an essential part of life.

Kirigami Flower

Kirigami flower

What is a Kirigami flower?

Kirigami flower is known as a paper flower made by a special and tasteful cutting. To a make flower in Kirigami Art, makers usually start with a basic folded paper, which is unfolded, then continues with special cuttings to create the shape and detail. Finally, open and flatten, you will gain the result as far as you desire.

The flower in the style of kirigami can be an amazing decoration thing or a lovely gift for beloved people. Some of them are put and stuck inside the pop-up card to create the three-dimensional effect whenever the card is opened.

Is making kirigami flower difficult?

Actually, making kirigami flower is not too difficult. All the things you need to succeed in Kirigami Art is the technique, aesthetic sense, and patience. Spending about 1 or 2 hours per day to practice, then you are likely to complete your own amazing flower. The time spending for can be reduced gradually when you master the skills.

The difficulty level depends on the sample you want to make. Some of the Kirigami flowers are very easy to make. Just complete each part step by step and you will reach the success without any difficulty.

Besides, there are some flower samples which are too complicated and complex to handle. To the beginners, this might be such arduous experience.

Therefore, it is recommended that the maker should choose the suitable sample before putting effort on making and completing any flower in the style of Kirigami. If you make a good decision on which type you are likely to try, the Kirigami flower art is no longer troublesome as it is commonly supposed.

Kirigami Flower

Kirigami Flower

The Basic Tutorial Of Making Kirigami Flower.

Step 1: Fold a piece of paper in half. Bring the bottom half towards the top

Step 2: Fold in half again. Bring the right side towards the left side

Step 3: Fold in half again from the left side to the right side to make a triangle shape

Step 4: Cut the folded paper to make a petal

Step 5: Unfolded and see the results


Kirigami Flower

Kirigami Flower

For whom have a demand of making Kirigami flower, follow the basic tutorial and try to make some changes if it is necessary. You can always be creative to create your own piece of art. In case you find it too difficult to master, please visit the website of Pop-up Card

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