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Kirigami Card – A Magic Gift For Your Beloved Ones.

Posted on Aug 14, 2017 by in Blog |

Kirigami card is a handmade card which origins from Japan; however, this awesome card is not only welcomed by Japanese but also chosen by customers all over the world.

Kirigami card is not only a small card with a three-dimensional picture inside, but also regarded as an art. People who make these cars are supposed to be real artists because the Kirigami cutting technique is not easy to master at all. It commonly takes a long time to complete the difficult and complicated one.

Kirigami Card

Kirigami card

What is a Kirigami card?

Kirigami card is also known as a magic gift for the people you love. Unlike other cards, Kirigami ones include the paper cuts inside the cards. When it is opened, the 3 dimensional image will appear gradually. This reminds us the pop – up effect in a lot of pop – up books, which indicates the whole story or scene in succession.

The 3D images in the card are diversified. Depend on the idea of maker, it can be a house, a car, tree, princess and prince, birthday cake, letter and so on. Some of them might be simple with a few cut while the others are made with complicated and complex details. This depends on what the maker is going to do and how his level is.

The Kirigami card refers to the love and wish from the giver to receiver, or from the maker to the receiver if it is DIY. Moreover, it also plays an important part in decorating. The room or party space decorated with these small things will become more impressive.


Kirigami Card

Kirigami Card

The decoration of Kirigami card.

Kirigami card is a colourful and tasteful card which is commonly made of 2 different color of paper. The color should be on the contrary to emphasize the outstanding of the three-dimensional picture. The outside paper is a hard cover used for making a card, while the inside is a smaller paper stuck directly on.

The artist will cut the sharp line on the paper inside without impacting the other. Depending on the cutting art, it would create a specific scene

How to get the most beautiful Kirigami card?

If you are interested in this beautiful Kirigami card, feel free to search the tutorial articles or videos on the Internet. Follow the instruction and try to make some changes to create your own piece of art.

In case you find it difficult to tackle with these papers, you can visit the bookstore or kirigami store to buy instead. One of the most popular kirigami stores that you should visit is Pop- up card. Visit the website, the leading kirigami supplier, and you might come across incredible things.

Kirigami Card

Best Kirigami from

A magical gift called Kirigami card will impress your beloved ones on awesome color, decoration and deep feeling concealed inside. If you wish to own a lovely and unique kirigami card, please visit the website of Pop-up card

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