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The Impressive 3D Card Ideas For The Beginners.

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 by in Blog |

If you find it difficult to come up with the 3D card ideas, you can definitely refer those specific samples in this article.

3D card is getting more and more popular in various countries all over the world. Even though this type of card is originated in Japan, it has spread widely in both developing and developed countries. A lot of professional and amateur makers have pursued this making art. However, it is not easy to create your own 3D card without any available ideas and tutorials, especially when you are a beginner. For a better beginning, please take a look at these 3D card ideas below.

The impressive 3D card ideas for the beginners

We would like to introduce some impressive and simple 3D card ideas below:

3D card ideas

3D card ideas

In the beginning, you should start with the simple sample with an animal or flower three-dimensional model inside. The sample above is designed in shape of a flower and a cat, which is easy to make.

3D card ideas

3D card ideas

Making a 3D card with a cake model inside is also popular. The design of birthday cake is not so complicated that every beginner can give a try. Draw a simple shape of cake, then cut the exact lines on the paper surface straightly.

3D card ideas

3D card ideas


The last sample that you should try which is a house 3D card. If you are not good at designing, then try to draw a simple house with sole lines, then gradually make a cut. The maker is advised to put some different colours in the 3D cards for the better look.

How to come up with your own unique 3d card ideas?

Besides consulting these 3d card ideas which are presented in this article, you can definitely come up with your own unique and wonderful ideas. By thinking about the familiar objects, the makers might find the initiative for the model of 3d cards, such as heart, butterfly, flower, house, car, garden, food and so on.

Especially, when you have an intention of making gifts by yourself for the lovers, family members, relatives or friends, try to come up with the ideas involving in their favorite things. It shows how subtle and sensitive you are! It is clear that the recipients tend to understand your feelings, love from the bottom of  your heart.

Whenever you come up with the creativity, try to design and make a template for each one, then follow step by step to complete. In case you find it too difficult to finish, ask for help or search the tutorial of the similar sample on the Internet.

Here are some impressive 3d card ideas that you can consult at the beginning. These 3D cards are not too complicated, so most of the makers can easily follow and adapt. For more interesting and fascinating samples, please visit the website of Pop-up Card at

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