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The flower pop-up cards for special occasions

Posted on Sep 6, 2017 by in Blog |

For your beloved ones, these gorgeous flower pop-up cards make for a special delivery. A flower blooms into a three-dimensional arrangement that’s much more unexpected than any present. Let’s try making something different from the past by following this new trend.

Now, these are three styles of flower pop-up cards for special occasions. You can refer and take a suitable one for your occasions.

Lotus flower pop-up card

Everyone who has ever looked over a lotus dawning from a gloomy pond can be infatuated with the exquisite beauty of this flower. The lotus flowers are so clean and clear against the background of the dirty pond. Therefore, a lotus flower pop-up card representatives for the purity, faithfulness, and compassion for all things. Giving a lotus flower pop-up card is a significant way to show your love to everyone that receives it.

The flower pop-up card special occassions-1

A lotus flower pop-up card from Paper Art Viet

Rose pop-up card – One of the typical flower pop-up cards

As you know, any rose can be seen as a symbol of sympathy, honor, faith, and beauty. So, a rose pop-up card will be a great message of new beginnings, hope and true love. This flower pop-up card is a wonderful handcraft idea to make for a Birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. The beautiful rose on the inside of pop-up card gives it a spiral look, making the rose look very realistic.

The flower pop-up card ideas special occassions-2

A rose pop-up card for your beloved ones

A flower garden pop-up card – The meaningful gift for those you care about

Flowers are beautiful and unique and we wanted to show them off in their garden setting. Who doesn’t dream of a vast floral paradise? This colorful flower pop-up card is great for many occasions such as Mother’s Day, Birthday, and Anniversary or even as a thank you. Also, a lovely flower garden pop-up card is a great present for anyone who loves flowers and dreams of having their own beautiful garden.

The flower pop-up card ideas for special occassions-3

A colorful flower garden pop-up card

Many people would love to make a flower pop-up card but impossible because of flower pop-up cards ‘s complicated steps. It does take a lot of time, patience and practice to learn how to design this type of card but can be mastered with a bit of perseverance!

If you would like to own a flower pop-up card, you can contact us to buy or visit our website to know how to do it by yourself at .Paper Art Viet is a professional wholesale company of paper crafts. We can supply all kinds of 3D Cards ideas and we always make our customer feel satisfied with our new idea, good quality control, prompt delivery and competitive price. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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