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Flower Pop Up Card : The gorgeous petals with beautiful paper.

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 by in Blog |

If you have not known the Flower Pop Up Card, you will be surprised to read this article.

Flowers are a symbol of women, giving flowers to women make them feel cherished, loved. It would be even more surprising if it was a paper flower hidden in a little card. Want to discover this Flower Pop Up Card collection?

pop up flower card

We have a lots of Flower Pop Up Cards

 What’s special about Flower Pop Up Card products?


• Suitable occasions or use Flower Pop Up Card products.

Flower Pop Up Card is often used in meetings, class meetings, meetings. It will be a beautiful memory to give away to a distant friend a handmade gift that reminds you when you open a card.

Cards are also used as invitations for parties, press conferences to introduce products, introduce the company.

And in particular, this is a gentle but meaningful gift for dates, love parties.


pop up flower card

Verry gentle but meaningful gift for your mother

• Design diversity in the Flower Pop Up Card collection.

We have over 150 Flower Pop Up Card designs, with all sorts of seasonal flowers and regions around the world, so it would not be surprising if your idea was already a product in our stockpile. .

Designs such as Dutch tulips, Asian roses, cherry blossoms from Japan, Mexican orchids will surprise you with their sparkling.

Our cards are delicate and careful design, you will immediately recognize what kind of flowers when opening the card, very impressive right?

• Best materials.

All products use the best type of paper, imported completely from abroad, so you will not have to worry about the durability of the product.

Design team will help you peace of mind about the connection of the Flower Pop Up Card, will not have any broken or torn.

The card will have a white background for you to note the words of love, greetings. In addition, the product cover uses thick paper, water and fire resistance in part, giving you peace of mind when using.

pop up flower card

We have a lots of Flower Pop Up Card products

A card is a small gift to your partner, relatives, friends, lover, although the value of a small card, but a meaningful gift.

We look forward to working with you on this Flower Pop Up Card collection. If you would like to view another collection, or design your own collection, please contact us. Free design fee upon receipt of your cooperation.