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Creative With Your Favorite Pop-Up Wedding Cards

Posted on Aug 8, 2017 by in Blog |

The pop-up wedding cards when opened to show the shapes, motifs create impressive unforgettable for guests. Check out these creative pop-up wedding cards.

For recent years, many people are familiar with the classic wedding cards in Asian style with traditional colors and patterns. To make the wedding more modern, the bride and groom can make an unforgettable impression by designing  in making wedding cards, including the type of 3D wedding card (also known as pop-up wedding cards). The 3D wedding card prints in embossed or pop-up fancy as the opening to show the shapes, motifs. It will certainly be both joy and gift to guests.

pop-up wedding cards

The pop-up wedding cards when opened to show the shapes, motifs create impressive unforgettable for guests.

What kind of pop-up wedding cards?

There are two popular types of pop-up wedding cards, such as: 90 – degree cards and 180 – degree cards with complex formulas that require more adroitness. One feature of pop-up wedding cards is that the folding mechanism consists of a combination of small details in a floating block. The pop-up cards are different from traditional cards in the structure of cards. Although floats can be cut directly on the card or designed to be loose and then seam and attached, the card structure must consist of two layers of paper, include in the outer layer acts as a coat to cover the floating block inside. The secret to create a unique effect is that the outside of the card is extremtly simple and simple,  the decoration in the interior of the more surprising, and impressive. Therefore, the couple should choose the background color contrast to create a pleasant surprise.

What incase use pop-up wedding cards suitably?

These pop-up wedding cards are suitable for using in a wedding for friends, with a small number of guests. Because these cards are not cheap compared to the usual wedding cards. However, it brings its own beauty and personality, so making to create a special impression for the bride and groom in their big day.

pop-up wedding cards

A bundle of pink flowers tree adorns the white cover of this card. Open the card to a lush surprise of white and pink flowers tree in a beautiful arrangement.

Some notes when you book in pop-up wedding cards

  • Firstly, consider the cost to balance your wedding budget because of the cost of making high-quality pop-up wedding cards.
  • Secondly, do not choose blocks with too much detail, because its texture is not stable, so it will be very easy to break the picture if folded too much fold.
  • Thirdly, the secret to create unique effect is that the outside of the card is simple, simple how much the flowers in the interior of the more surprising, impressive.
  • Last but not least, you should book pop-up wedding cards early because the design time, and the processing of greeting cards are usually considerably longer than other traditional wedding cards.

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