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Do You Know The Christmas Pop-Up Cards?

Posted on Aug 8, 2017 by in Blog |

Christmas pop-up cards are the wonderful gifts for anyone throughout the entire holiday season. Sending to your friends and loved one. Do you know the Christmas pop-up cards?

Every Christmas, people have exchanged lovely cards to friends and lovers, but few people know that Christmas cards were born more than two centuries ago. Today with technology development people create the 3D greeting cards, especially Christmas pop-up cards. Let’s find out this wonderful special gift!

Christmas pop-up cards

Do you know the Christmas pop-up cards?

Development of the Christmas card – Christmas pop-up cards

Traditional Christmas cards were rapidly developed in Britain when the government passed a law in 1846 that allowed people to send mail to anywhere in the country. During the next 10 years Christmas cards became popular in Britain and came into Germany.

Americans were excited to welcome this wave of greeting cards for 30 years later. In 1875, Louis Prang – a German printer was living in Boston, began publishing high-quality prints, and he was soon labeled “The father of American Christmas cards”. The painting on the card of Prang was very diverse from the Marian model, decorated trees, Santa Claus to the flowers with many colors such as roses, chrysanthemums, geraniums,…but these cards were usually very expensive.

Prang’s card was highly appreciated by the public as he pitched up to 20 colors on a card. By 1990s of the nineteenth century, Prang stopped doing business because Americans began to favor cheap types of cards imported from Germany.

About the pop-up card (or 3d card), it is originated in Japan for a long time. In Japan, people usually have exchanged lovely Christmas pop-up cards to friends and lovers on Xmas holiday. Today the pop-up cards are become more popular in the world.

Christmas pop-up cards

Christmas pop-up cards are the wonderful gift for anyone throughout the entire holiday season.

Christmas pop-up cards – Unique and fun eyes

In the past, people could only write Christmas greeting letters and personally deliver them to the recipient every Christmas. Later thanks to the postal system development, the sending of Christmas greetings was no longer a substantial effort.

Nowadays you will find the Christmas pop-up cards easily in stationery stores or bookstores.  However creation of pop up card by yourself is not as hard as you think. Using the power of the Internet to search your favorite Christmas pop-up cards (3D greeting cards), then you just print out, cut and fold following the instructions. If you were smart and creative enough, then you can design your own style card for Christmas. The recipient will surely be impressed with your creativity. You can download some sample Christmas pop-up cards on Youtube or website: to do this.

Christmas pop-up cards

Christmas pop-up cards – Unique and fun eyes

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