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3D Greeting Cards – Wonderful Art

Posted on Aug 1, 2017 by in Blog |

3D greeting cards are considered as one of the most traditional arts in Japan. Bring a deep meaning inside, these products are the symbol for long historical stories that have a strong relationship with Japan culture. Being made by skillful artists, 3D greeting cards expressed a whole elegant pleasure in the world.

3D greeting cards – what does this mean?

3D greeting cards are the ancient Japanese professional of paper folding.  These beautiful arts are usually made by a special paper which was called washi. This appropriate material will be totally cut and decorated by hand.

Japan is well-known with 3D technology which brings viewer illusion of serious depth and wide in space. The images from this technology are not only bringing 2 dimensions to real 3 dimensions but also include deep-seated meaning about life, love, family,…

If you have a chance to visit cherry blossom country, a 3D greeting cards gift is enjoyable. Nowadays, 3D greeting cards are not often made exactly by hand anymore. Instead of using totally handmade, technology plays more and more important role which brings perfectly in smallest details.

Designed by using nearly one hundred images of an object, three-dimensional pictures will be used with slightly dissimilar angles which make the different illusion for observers. After interwoven together, original images are printed under modern technology and become a graphic image in a professional machine.

To create the final product, the graphic image will be connected and covered with a unique high-resolution lens that creates final perfect 3D. Unbelievable 3D greeting cards are excellent using this technology.

Like a 3D movie that is developed in the 21st century, 3D cards are also acknowledged essential innovative revolution technology. Bring images to life, bring live to love, bring love to a family!

Without request special glasses, presently, you can touch, see and feel directly a depth 3D product. It not just like in a 3D movie, it is the real life.

3D greeting cards

Building 3D greeting cards

  • 3D greeting cards material

The main material to make a 3D greeting card is washi. Being the traditional papers in Japan, washi was made from the long inner fibers of special three plants which only were planted in Misumata, Japan. In Japanese, wa means Japan and shi means paper.

With more modern technologies adopt, products which were made by machine with higher qualities regularly replace the handmade ones. The authentic washi remained fewer than 350 traditional families still produce a paper by hand, as the fall of 2008.

  • 3D greeting cards history

The first 3D greeting cards product appear in China and in 619 AD, the art was transferred to Japan by Buddhist monks. Japan’s skills in paper still were unrivaled about color, material, texture, and design by the year 800.

There are more than 100,000 traditional families in Japan by the late 1800’s, making paper absolutely by hand in each step. With Europe machines help, by 1983 only 479 papermaking families were left. A few century later, remaining families who keep classical approach, are mostly from Thailand, Nepal, India,…

3D greeting cards remarked an excellent which shall never die in both mind and real life!

3D greeting cards

3D greeting cards – make your life

3D greeting cards make your life greater and greater. There is not any reason that you don’t access to find a meaningful gift for lovers.