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Awesome 3D cards collection from Paper Art Viet

Posted on Sep 5, 2017 by in Blog |

People often send greetings or blessings via phone, email. But, there is a kind of card which is attracting almost people, handmade 3d cards.

Are you wondering how to choose a gorgeous present to your beloved ones on the special occasions? In recent years, the normal cards are gradually forgotten because they are so old-fashioned and boring. People often send greetings or blessings via phone, email or Facebook. But, there is still a kind of card which is attracting almost people, it is handmade 3D cards.

Let’s try giving these kinds of 3D cards as the unusual gifts to those who care about now.

The 3D cards Collection

  • 3D Birthday cards

Your friend’s birthday is approaching, and are you looking for a meaningful gift? To help you solve this problem, we would suggest buying the 3D birthday cards because they are different ones which are unique, wonderful and funny. A beautiful 3D birthday card with the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” inside will be the most significant present for your friends, parents, and lovers.

Awesome 3D cards collection from Paper Art Viet-1

A birthday 3D card for your beloved one made from Paper Art Viet

  • 3D Christmas cards

If you don’t want to stop at a simple Christmas card, you can try to choose a 3D card as a special gift. Christmas is also a chance for you to send the small meaningful presents to your relatives, friends or your beloved ones. Besides the “packaged” gifts carefully, the 3D cards are indispensable things to show your sincere, right? Just a click at and choose your own 3D card, you will have the lovely Christmas presents to those you care about, don’t miss this opportunity now!


Awesome 3D cards collection from Paper Art Viet-2

An awesome 3D card on Christmas

  • 3D Valentine’s Day cards

Valentine’s Day is named of St. Valentine – one of the first Christian martyrs – And also

the memorable day when the couples all over the world celebrates their love affair. They express the caring and loving by sending the special gifts to each other

such as chocolates, flowers or teddy bears. Today, Valentine pop-up cards is also a

great choice for young people because it is a nice and welcome change. You can choose the suitable one from our collection such as Couple in Love 3D card, Love Cupcake 3D card, or Heart 3D card and so on for your lover.

Awesome 3D cards collection from Paper Art Viet-3

Couple in love 3D card for Valentine’s Day

In addition to the above 3D cards, we also have many types of amazing 3D cards in our stores. If you would like to own a 3D card or find out other beautiful 3D cards, you can contact us at .Paper Art Viet is a professional wholesale company of paper crafts. We can supply all kinds of 3D Cards ideas and we always make our customer feel satisfied with our new idea, good quality control, prompt delivery and competitive price. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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