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The Kits For Making A 3D Card

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 by in Blog |

To complete any 3d card in style of Kirigami Art, the maker must prepare a set of 3d card kits.

3d card kits include necessary tools and materials, which allow the makers to design and make an amazing pop-up card with three-dimensional model inside. These tools and materials are not too expensive, which are available in most of the bookstores. Therefore, if you have an intention of making card in style of three-dimensional model, try to equip all the essential kits.

3d card kits

An impressive 3d ship model

What are 3d card kits?

Kits are the tools and materials which are put in the same set. Each kit allows the makers to create a fully worked-out piece of art. In common, each kit includes colour card making, inner and matching envelope, printed paper and so on. The materials which are provided in different kits might be distinctive in terms of colour, feature, design or even price. There are some kits supplying plentiful materials while the others are quite limited. Hence, the makers should consider thoroughly before making up mind.

Besides finding the real kits in the supply stores, you can definitely download on the website of 3D card making. One of the most popular websites that you should consider is Visit this website via the provided links for more amazing kits.

Depend on what are supplied in each kit, the amateur or professional makers can design and complete the 3D cards in their own style.

The function of some 3D card kits

The 3D card kits provide the available samples, materials, printed patterns, which assist the makers in the process of designing and creating their own piece of arts. Instead of wasting time on drawing and colouring a lot of papers or hard covers, the makers should buy the beautiful and diversified kits. This will save much time for both amateur and professional makers.

It is clear that the products will be looked better with printed patterns and designed samples provided in kits. Moreover, some kits are equipped with available tools such as a knife, scissor, ruler, crayon box and so on, which are quite convenient and time-saving. Of course, the price must be higher.

3d card kits

The model of 3d bus and station in 3d card

Where can you buy the qualified 3D card kits?

There are a lot of the supply stores that you can find all over the world. Through the Internet, you can easily come across thousands of trust-worthy stores and the online websites. You should also consider the review and feedback updated on the websites before making a decision to avoid choosing unqualified products.

If you desire to buy the qualified 3d card kits, you can visit the Pop-up Card store of PaperArtViet or get access to the official website at PaperArtViet has been highly recommended by a lot of customers so far.

3d card kits

3d card with a door design inside

3d card kits are indispensable things that you should purchase before getting started. You can definitely buy them in supply stores or book online on the website of the Pop-up Card at

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